NightHawk DM007(tm) Quadcopter w/ HD Camera. RTF Remote Control 6 Axis Gyro DM007 Spy Explorers 4 Channel 2.4GHz

Product Features

  • NightHawk DM007(tm) is an excellent beginners quadcopter. Does not require drone registration with FAA. You Go Products support available by phone, and a full training video. Easy to repair if you damage after a crash. Phone support is available for repairs, and beginner flights. Downloadable custom photo or grayscale manual.
  • 360° Flips including left, right, front flips, back flips. Precise hovering capabilities with the latest 6-Axis adjustable gyroscope technology, with failsafe headless mode.
  • 4Gb MiniSD memory card included with removable On-Board 2MP 720p HD video camera for a recorded first person view of your flying. RC switch while in flight to start video recording or photo capture. 7.4v 2S Lithium Battery with US Wall Charger.
  • 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology remote controller with 100-150 meters range for further flying, and the best anti-interference ability. Transmitter requires 4 AA Batteries ( not included ).
  • Fast and easy for anyone to fly. Crabbing left & right, flips , and 360 degree turning and rolling, super easy to land. Quadcopters are good starters and easier to fly than a RC Helicopter.
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Product Description

The NightHawk DM007(tm) RC Quadcopter/Helicopter is ready to fly out of the box! No FAA drone registration needed. Includes one quadcopter, remote controller, 7.4v 2S battery with American US wall charger only, 2MP HD video camera, 2 sets of black propellers (blades), a set of white propellers (blades), white skids and black color landing skids, propeller guards and complete support by phone & tech support during repairs. The color and grayscale English photo manual by You Go Products, downloadable for ease of access. Video training video as well. A click of a switch to start/stop video recording, or take a photo. The latest in 6-axis flight control with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Easy to control, especially for a beginners pilot. Fantastic for a first flyer or experienced explorers. The HD video camera is mounted under the mini drone and is removable. With a simple click of a button on the 4Ch 2.4GHz remote controller, start recording your pilot skills with first person view flight recording. The NightHawk DM007 has a similar design to the $350+ Hubsan H109S X4 Pro, and is easier to fly for most beginners than the Hubsan X4 H107C/L. All NightHawks are tested to remove defects. NightHawk | DM007 | GW007 | HD Camera Drone | DJI 007.

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