AEE Technology AJ01 10-Inch Self-Tightening Propeller Set for Toruk AP10 Video Drone Quadcopter (White)

Product Features

  • Propeller set includes Four (4) 10" Self Tightening props
  • Two (2) Clockwise and Two (2) Counter-clockwise rotating propellers
  • Great to have extras on hand to keep you flying
  • Genuine AEE Accessory
New Price: $29.58
Old Price: $29.58
(as of 06/23/2024 06:10 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The AEE Toruk AP10 Self-Tightening Propeller Set is a set of Four 10″ propellers for the AEE Toruk AP10 Quad copter. It features Two clockwise (CW) and Two counter-clockwise (CCW) rotating propellers. Self-tightening design avoids prop becoming loose during operation and potentially flying away

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