Ivation Extra-Light Custom Molded Backpack for DJI Phantom 3, Standard, Advanced, Professional Quadcopter Drones & Accessories

Product Features

  • Custom Backpack Offers Protective Fit for All DJI Phantom Quadcopter Models
  • Weather-Proof Design Withstands Rain, Snow, Heat, Sand, Hiking, Biking & More
  • Sleek, Elegant Profile Slides Into Tighter Spaces Such as Overhead Airplane Bins
  • Generous Upper & Lower Padding Provides Wearing Comfort; Weighs Just 4lbs.
  • Roomy Interior Accommodates Prop Guards, Cards, Batteries, Tablets & Cables
(as of 06/13/2024 05:18 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Protect your DJI Phantom Drone On the Fly
Whether you’re heading out on a camping trip or planning a transatlantic flight, keep your favorite drone safely packed and ready to go – along with your entire accessory collection. Ivation’s custom backpack was specifically designed to protectively house your gear throughout mountainous hikes, a full day at the beach, stopovers, and every other scenario. It’s also extra light and fitted with features that make it comfortable and convenient to carry your copter across all terrains and through all weather environments.

Fits All DJI Phantom Models No need to buy multiple backpacks: This one fits whichever drone you decide to take along, including the Phantom 1, FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom Vision, Phantom Vision+, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional, and Phantom 3 Standard.

Weathers Any & All Storms
Rain? Sleet? Snow? Extreme heat? Unforgiving terrain? Our backpack keeps your drone safe no matter what you throw at it. Now you can hike, bike, or jog your way through rough mountainous or sandy terrains to wherever the hot action is.

Sleek with a Hint of Smart
Boasting a sleek design, our backpack easily slides into tighter spaces such as the overhead bin on your average airplane or the storage basket on your bicycle. Its simple, minimalist elegance also adds a sophisticated touch to your quadcopter.

Weighs in at Just 4 Pounds
Need to travel light? At just four pounds, you can wear this backpack for hours on end without experiencing strain or backache. Extra upper and lower padding and a waist strap ensure a comfortable fit and a good hold without extra motion.

All Aboard, Accessories
Beyond carrying and protecting your Phantom drone, this also safely stores your accessories in one place: prop guards, SD cards, batteries, tablets, propellers, cables, and more. No need to schlep along different cases for other devices.

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