Ehang GHOST UAV Drone RC Quadcopter with Gimbal 1080p HD Sports Camera and Precision GPS Compacted Compass Smartphone Application Controlled Connectivity iOs iPhone iPad and GoPro Compatible (Black)

Product Features

  • Extremely Stable and High-Precision Gimbal, Made of aircraft aluminum alloy material, the gimbal can carry a 1080P HD sports camera. Simple overall design makes the gimbal light and stable. Even the drone is heavily shaking, the gimbal maintains super stable.
  • Independently Developed Flight Control System: Powerful and precise arithmetic as well as ultra-fast processing capacity enable quick response at millisecond level, and support powerful features including multiple flight mode, intelligent auto return and low voltage protection. Moreover,the black box can record the entire flight path.
  • Auto Follow and Return Mode: Under auto follow, Ghost will automatically follow you as you make turns and change direction, always keeping the camera on you. On the other hand the Auto return will be activated if the connection is loast. No Worry about losing your Ghost anymore.
  • Point to Point Flying, One Clock Hover Commad and Micro Control: Point your finger on the map, and the drone flies to that spot. Say goodbye to "blind flying". Once-click hover command plays as a "Brake" to hold Ghost at its current spot in the air in emergency situation. Micro Control mode can adjust the drones position in any direction over shorter distances.
  • Compatible for both Android and iOS, Multiple Control Modes Supported: Anyone can fly Ghost in 30 seconds. One-click commands of make GHOST super smart and easy to fly. Two control modes available: horizontal interface version is point-to-point flying APP, while the vertical interface version is for Avatar 3D title mode. You can play multiple modes with one GHOST.
(as of 06/24/2024 10:31 UTC - Details)

Product Description

GHOST with smartphone creates super flying experience. One-click commands of UNLOCK, TAKEOFF, RETURN made simple and smart.

The GHOST Aerial Plus gives you all that you need to capture your GHOST flights in stunning high resolution. Aerial Plus give you the Gimbal, the made-for-purpose Ehang Full HD Sports camera, and a Micro SD card for storing your images, making this package the ultimate in drone experience.

FLY · EXPLORE · FILM – Everything you need to start your filming adventure. Perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike.

Ready to fly and filming: Ghost drone equipped with 2D gimbal and Full HD Action Camera
Easy to fly: one-click commands via your smartphone. Auto Return Mode, Auto Follow Mode, Tilt Mode
Easy to control: Control height and orientation through the APP by sliding bars, and the rest is taken care of.
Travel light: no more bulky RC controllers, just your smartphone and a G-Box
Night mode: LED lights to track drone in the sky
Flight time: Impressive 30 minutes (20 minutes with a gimbal and GoPro / action camera attached)
Way-Point Flying: Point-to-Point Flying, Point your finger on the map, and the drone flies to that spot. Say goodbye to “blind flying”
LIVE Data Sync: Within 1000m of communication distance, flight data is displayed in the app to show the drone’s condition.

Inspire to Film, Easier to control than a Parrot Bebop, and cost less than a DJI Phantom! What more you can ask for!

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